"Keeping children safe by exposing residential treatment centers/private boarding schools and their continued abuse against the children in their care.

Alternative Solutions

We offer Alternative Solutions to Troubled Teen Boarding School Placement. Safe Teen Schools feel that at this point in time due to lack of regulation that there are no safe and proper boarding schools for troubled youth. We at Safe Teen Schools find it necessary to offer an Alternative for parents and their child. In this section we will explore these options.

Therapy - Therapy with a licensed therapist is highly recommended. Please remember things are not going to change over night. Just because your child has gone to therapy for two weeks doesn't mean that they will change that fast. With therapy, we also recommend that for the most part the parent stay out of the therapy sessions for the child, at least until the child is ready. Your child is having a hard time talking to you at this point and being in their therapy sessions from the start does not give them an opportunity to open up to the therapist. The child must feel like he can talk in confidence to the therapist. Just remember, Rome wasn't built in a day.

Activities - What does your child like to do? Does he/she like drums? Sign them up for drum classes. Does he/she enjoy art? Put them in art group in the community. The key is to find hobbies that your child enjoys and push them towards that. I wouldn't be surprised if your child comes in a couple weeks and shows you a painting they made, or their new drum solo they just learned.

Time - Spend time with your child without judging them. You can be a parent and a friend at the same time. Take your child to dinner once a week, or go to the movies together. This should be bonding time between you and your child. While bonding, DO NOT bring up negative things your child is doing, this is a time for enjoying each others' company and talk about your interests and your child's interests together.

"Talking" - While talking to your child about negative things that are going on in your child's life, please remember, your child is not bad, he/she has just lost their way and needs a little guiding to get back on course. Do not make your child feel bad; yelling and screaming do not help. Try not to judge to harshly. After all, you were their age once too. You want your child to open up to you, to tell you the reasoning behind why they are doing the things they are doing. There will be no progress if both parties can not compromise. Children often feel as if their parents don't listen to them or they just don't care about what is going on. Prove that you do.

Keep an open mind to your children, help them get past what is troubling them by giving them support and love. Acknowledge their efforts, even if it is only minor things. Your child wants you to pay attention and care. Make sure you give your child the proper praise they deserve. But, above all else, LOVE them unconditionally.

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