"Keeping children safe by exposing residential treatment centers/private boarding schools and their continued abuse against the children in their care."


Aspen Educational Group


A.E.G. Is a known umbrella corporation in the Troubled Teen Industry. In this section we go over all facilities with A.E.G. both opened and closed along with the reasoning behind why each facility was closed. If You know of any information about other possible facilities being in league with A.E.G. please contact us immediately with the name and location of the school and we will see if there is any cause of concern or link to A.E.G. Thank you.



Here we list all facilities in connection with A.E.G. We will include closed facilities and reasons for their shut down. We recommend that no parent send their child to one of these facilities. With their track record, A.E.G. facilities are not safe for children and will cause your child more harm instead of helping them, as they state. If you hear of any facilities that you feel could possibly be in league with A.E.G. please contact us immediately. We will research your concerns and find any possible link between a facility and A.E.G.





Aspen Achievment Academy - Located in Utah, changed to OutBack Theraputic Expeditions


Apen Ranch - Located in Utah, closed, downsizing.


Bromley Brooks School - Located in Vermont, closed, downsizing.


Cedars Academy - Located in Delaware, Closed, Reason unknown


Exel Academy - Located in Texas, closed, Reason unknown


Lone Star Exeditions - Located in Texas, closed, Downsizing.


Mount Bachelor Academy -  Located in Oregon, DHS involed claimed child abuse.


New Leaf Academy - Located in North Carolina, closed and changed to Talisman School.


New Leaf Academy -  Located in Oregon, Closed, Downsizing.


Passages To Recovery -  Located in Utah, Changed to SUWS


Pine Ridge Academy - Located in Utah, Closed, Reason unknown.


SageWalk - Located in Oregon, Closed following a Death of a boy in 2009.


SunHawk Academy - Located in Utah, closed, downsizing.


WellSprings - Located in Hawaii, Closed, reason unknown.


WellSprings - Located in Canada, Closed, Reaon unknown.


Youth Care - Located in Utah, closed in  2011 and changed into Island View Academy. In 2007 Youth Care was involved in a Wrongful Death suit of a boy with Asperger's syndrome.









Oakley School - Oakley Utah


Academy At Swift River - Cummington Massachusetts


Copper Canyon - Rimrock Arizona


Island View/Elevations RTC - Syracuse Utah


Talisman Academy - North Carolina


Stone Mountain School - Black Mountain North Carolina


Turn About Ranch - Escalante Utah


Youth Care Inc - Salt Lake City Utah


The Apen Institute For Behavioral Assessment - Syracuse Utah


Adirondack Leadership Expectations - New York


Camp Huntington - New York


Four Circles Recovery - North Carolina


OutBack Theraputic Expeditions - Utah


Talisman Camps - North Carolina


Talisman Transitions - North Carolina


WellSprings Academies -

-North Carolina

-New York







-Washington DC


-United Kingdom