"Keeping children safe by exposing residential treatment centers/private boarding schools and their continued abuse against the children in their care."


 Centers for Adolescent Recovery & Education


C.A.R.E. is an umbrella corp of abusive boarding schools for Troubled Teens. We reccomend that no parent send their child to one of these facilities due to their track record of abuse. If you know of any other facilities in possible league with C.A.R.E. please contact us right away.





 Here are a list of Facilities that are in league with C.A.R.E. While there are not many facilities please take notice at the bottom of the page  to the link of lawsuits against the schools.




RedRock Canyon


Lava Heights Academy


Falcon Ridge Academy


Mount Pleasant Academy





Please take note of the lawsuits and deaths that have come to pass at CA.R.E. facilities. Boarding Schools for Troubled Youth that allows sexual abuse to be this active around or with your children is not a place a child needs to be.




Sexual Lawsuit Between Students 2001

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Girl Pronounced Dead After Being Sick for Days 2003

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Sexual Abuse Between Staff Member and Student 2004

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Sexual Abuse Between Staff Member and 3 students 2012

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Brian Pace - Brian has worked with many troubled teen facilities. He has assisted the start of a sex offender program where he both directed and developed the program. Brian also started and owned Sunrise Academy which has countless claims of child abuse. Brian Pace is listed as the Executive Director Red Rock Canyon, to see CLICK HERE.
K. Nathan Meng - Nathan, like many others in the Troubled Teen Industry has worked at other Troubled Teen Boarding Schools. Nathan has worked with both extremely abusive Aspen Achievement Academy and Diamond Ranch Academy before becoming affiliated with C.A.R.E.