"Keeping children safe by exposing residential treatment centers/private boarding schools and their continued abuse against the children in their care."



Here we list facilities that can not be physically connected to other well known umbrella corporations. We will list the facility, the director of the facility, claims of abuse and any lawsuits involved. If you know of any other abusive facilities please contact us right away so we can do our investigating. Thank you.

Diamond Ranch Academy

Director: Ricky Dias
     Diamond Ranch Academy, located in Hurricane, Utah. is very well known in the Troubled Teen industry for its abuse against the children. Sadly this facility has the backing by famous people such as Dr. Phil. Contrary to what the good Dr. says, Safe Teen Schools has learned about disturbing accusations of abuse at DRA. We have been told on many occasions by many different people the horror at D.R.A. Abuse such as, but not limited to, cutting off communications between the parent and child, children being put in "stress positions", lack of nutritious meals, lack of medical care, lack of a doctor on staff, strip searching children as if they are criminals, forced heavy labor, etc.
     In 2009 Jim Shirey lost his life at D.R.A., a facility that his parents trusted to help him. Jim was extremely ill and instead of taking him to the hospital, the staff members of the facility refused him much needed medical treatment. Convinced that Jim was just trying to "Manipulate" the staff, people with no knowledgeable background in medicine denied him things that could have saved him. Jim would probably still be alive today if it wasn't for the neglect of the staff at Diamond Ranch Academy.
Abundant Life Academy
Abundant Life Academy located in Milford Virginia, is a Christian based boarding facility that advertises to bring struggling teens closer to god. The facility has come under new management but has still been having issues of abuse. The facility was located in Utah, but moved to Virginia. It did not take long after the move for abuse against the children, to brought out to the public. Opening its doors in Virginia of September 2013, at least 5 staff members have been arrested for beating children or sexually harassing them. Below we have links to the news article on the arrest of the staff.
Ex. VA. Boarding School Director Convicted CLICK HERE
Four Staff Caught Beating Teenage boy At Abundant Life Academy CLICK HERE
Leake & Watts
Leake & Watts, located in Yonkers New York, prides themselves as a residential treatment center for teens. But they land on here because of the lack of care the children receive. On April 18th, 2012, Corey Foster lost his life at the facility. He was jumped on by numerous staff which sent him into cardiac arrest. There are claims that he was placed in a choke hold and his airway was cut off which led to the boy being deprived of oxygen. 
On December 9th, 2013, Meaghan White was charged with the rape of a 16 year old boy. White, who had only been a teacher at the facility for 3 months was able to have sex with a child on multiple occasions and locations.
To read information on the death of Corey Foster, CLICK HERE.
To read information on the arrest of Meaghan White, CLICK HERE.
Eagle Ranch Academy
Eagle Ranch Academy is located in St. George Utah and was founded by Paul and Dave Arslanian in 2006. The facility is located in the old Brightway Adolescent Hospital which was both a WWASP facility and confirmed extremely abusive. Eagle Ranch Academy makes children and parents go through seminars which are ran by a woman who worked for another abusive facility. Seminars are always a concern because they are considered experimental therapy, and a lot of damage can be caused by the use of therapy that is not confirmed to actually help children. In Eagle Ranch Academy, children are forced to carry around backpacks filled with sand or rocks as a punishment. Children have also claimed that staff have threatened them, they were humiliated as a form of punishment and that the staff are extremely unqualified to be working with children who are "troubled". Not only is this a cause of concern, the monthly price for a child to be in there care is ridiculous considering they don't used qualified staff. Where is the money really going? Below you will find a link to the parent contract that we feel gives Eagle Ranch Academy the okay to abuse children in their care and get away with it. 

Logan River Academy
Logan River Academy is located in Logan Utah and the directors are Larry Carter, Lori Connin, Mark Petersen, and Jeff Smith. We know of at least Larry and Mark that have ties to other extremely abusive organizations such at Aspen, WWASP, and Provo Canyon. Logan River Academy uses a punishment that they call DEVO. DEVO is a form of social isolation which has been known to cause extreme damage to the still developing brain of a child. DEVO is a harmful practice. Previous students complain of Strip Searches, Physical abuse and restraints, Sexual Abuse, Social Isolation, plus many more. Please be aware that Logan River Academy is a dangerous place for children.