"Keeping children safe by exposing residential treatment centers/private boarding schools and their continued abuse against the children in their care."


Universal Health Service Inc.

U.H.S. also known as Univeral Health Services Inc owns a large amount of Troubled Teen Boarding Facilities in the United States. While they are also involved with hospitals, they have landed on the Safe Teen Schools website because of their lack of care of children in their boarding schools. We recommend that no parent send a child to a U.H.S. Inc boarding school. With their track record of abuse against teens we feel these facilities are not safe for children. Below you will find a list of both Open and Closed facilities involved with U.H.S. Inc. You will also find links to lawsuits against them. If you have any information please come forward so we can research and make the public aware.

Open Facilities
Ascent Wilderness Program
Boulder Creek Academy
King George School
La Amistad Behavioral Health Services
Meridell Achievement Center
Mount Dora Deaf School  (National Deaf Academy)
Northwest Academy
Provo Canyon School  (now behavioral hospital)
Alabama Clinical Schools
Hillcrest Behavioral Heath Services
Laural Oaks Behavioral Health Center
Palmer Residential Treatment Center
DeBarr Residential Treatment Center
Springwoods Behavioral Health
The Bridgeway
Rivendell Behavioral Health Services
Calvary Center
Behavioral Health Center Alhambra Hospital
Reasons Eating Disorder Center
Del Amo Behavioral Health
Highlands Behavioral Health System
Rockford Center
Dover Behavioral Health - Dover
Dover Behavioral Health - Sussex
Milton Girls Juvenile Residential Facility
Gulf Coast Youth Academy
Emerald Coast Behavioral Health
Gulf Coast Treatment Center
Westwood Lodge
Manatee Palms Youth Survices
Central Florida Behavioral Hospital
University Behavioral Center
Wekiva Springs Center
River Point Behavioral Health
Talbott Recovery
Turning Point Youth Center
Saint Simons By The Sea
Coastal Harbor Tratment Center
Coastal Behavioral Health
Macon Behavioral Health Treatment Center
Lighthouse Care Center of Augusta
Rock River Academy
Innovations Academy
Streamwood Behavioral Healthcare System
Chicago Childrns Center for Behavioral Health
The Pavilion Behavioral Health System
Lincoln Prairie Behavioral Health Center
Columbus Behavioral Health Center
Michiana Behavioral Health
Midwest Center for Youth and Families (SouthShore Academy)
Lincoln Trail Behavioral Health System
The Ridge Behavioral Health System
Rivendell Behavioral Health Services
Lowell Treatment Center
The Quincy Center
Turning Point
PRIDE Institue
Two Rivers Behavioral Health System
Saint Louis Behavioral Medicine Institue
Heartland Behavioral Health Services
Willow Springs Center
Spring Mountain Sahara
Hampton Behavioral Health Center
Prairie St. John's
Shadow Mountain Behavioral Health Systems
Cedar Ridge Residential Treatment Program
Clarion Psychiatric Center
The Meadows/UCBH
Roxbury- Carlisle
Roxbury- Chambersburg
Foundations Behavioral Health
The Horsham Center
Brook Glen Behavioral Hospital
Fairmount Behavioral Health System
KeyStone Center
The Carolina Center for Behavioral Health
Three Rivers Behavioral Health
Palmetto Behavioral Health
Lighthouse Care Center of Conway
KidLink Treatment Service (Formerly Mcdowell Center for Children)
Compass Intervention Center
Community Behavioral Health
Lakeside Behavioral Health System
Natches Trace Youth Academy
Oak Plains Academy
Hemitage Hall
Cedar Grove
Mountain Youth Academy
Upper East TN Regional Juvenile Detention Center
The Pavilion
The Excel Center (Arlington)
The Excel Center (Fort Worth)
Weatherford Access Center
University Behavioral Health of El Paso
Texas NeuroRehab Center
San Marcos Treatment Center
Laural Ridge Treatment Center
Edinburg Children's Hospital
Wyoming Behavioral Institue
South Texas Behavioral Health
Behavioral Hospital of Bellaire
Timberlawn Mental Health
Horizon Health
University Beaviorl Health of Denton
Benchmark Behavioral Health Systems
Cottonwod Treatment Center
Copper Hills Youth Center
Center for Change
Somerset (Apart of Provo Canyon School)
Salt Lake Behavioral Health
Liberty Point Behavioral Healthcare
Cumberland Hospital for Children and Adolescents
Newport News Behavioral Health Center
First Home Care - Tidewater
Virgina Beach Psychiatric Center
Kempsville Center for Behavioral Health
Harbor Point Behavioral Health Center
The Hughes Center
Fairfax Hospital Behavioral Health
Closed Facilities
The Keys of Carolina  
Rock River Academy
Rock River Academy is located in Rockford IL and is under the umbrella corporation Universal Health Services (UHS). Rock River advertises themselves as a therapeutic boarding facility for troubled girls. It is not a lock down facility which means the girls can leave at any time. While we do not see a problem with this, we do see a problem that the parents are not notified that their child has left. There have been countless allegations of sexual abuse coming from this facility. Also, none of their staff are listed on their website not giving parents the proper chance to do research on who will be working with their children. Rock River Academy is currently being investigated by the Department Of Justice.

Former Rock River Academy staff pleads guilty to sexually abusing 7 and 8 year old

Justice Department expands probe to 3 more facilities including Rock River Academy

Rock River Academy hit by spate of runaways
Provo Canyon School Police Reports
Here is a link to the Police reports surrounding Provo Canyon School. We would like to thank WWW.HEAL-ONLINE.ORG for giving the public access to this information. To view the records please
For more information on crimes and deaths at facilities involed with UHS
Lawsuit Against Mount Dora Deaf School
A lawsuit filed April 11th 2013 against Mount Dora Deaf School alleges that patients at the facility have suffered extreme neglect and abuse while management reported very little to the police.
Allegations include patients living in deplorable conditions, patients being punched, kicked, choked and even death.
To veiw the news report