"Keeping children safe by exposing  residential treatment centers/private boarding schools and their continued abuse against the children in their care."


These standards are what the schools need to commit to. These must remain constant and must always be maintained. Not continuing to maintain these standards will cause the facility to be exposed.

- Mail must be uncensored


- No strip searches


- All pap-smears for female students must be done at a licensed doctors office with a licensed OB/GYN. No pap-smears are to be done at the school, anything less than a registered OB/GYN doing a pap-smear on a felmale student is considered sexual assult.


- No "Attack Therapy"


- No sexual embarrassment


- No "Code Silence" or "Ghost Challenge" used as punishment


- No forced religion (freedom of religion)

-No forcing homosexual students "straight"


- Only non-invasive restraints (no pressure points or chemical agents used) All staff must be trained in "Nonviolent Crisis Intervention" techniques.


 - Every child has a right to schooling


- If a child needs medical attention they must be taken to a hospital immediately, no waiting


- Food, Shelter, Water, access to Bathrooms, proper Sleep, Medical care and  right to be in contact with their parents via mail/email are a right of every child and should NEVER be taken away as a punishment.


- All therapists, doctors, nurses, and teachers must be qualified (Proof of qualifications are required)


- Background checks on ALL staff

- Out of school suspension/Isolation must be monitored at all times, the child must have someone to talk to. Children should never sit in isolation for extended periods of time. Standard punishment for an act that calls for out of school suspension/isolation should be 2-3 hours. No child should be made to lay face down or have to sit in any position that causes them pain or discomfort.


- ANY abuse (physical/sexual) death, drug use, extreme medical emergency, must be reported to the proper authorities immediately (police, medical services, child services, parents).