"Keeping children safe by exposing  residential treatment centers/private boarding schools and their continued abuse against the children in their care."

Interviews, Podcasts, and Books
Here at Safe Teen Schools we find it important to give the public some background on why we fight so hard for the rights of children in these Boarding Facilities. The Owner was in 2 abusive Boarding Facilities while the Co-Owner worked as a staff member in an abusive facility. We at Safe Teen Schools see the need for change in this industry, children depend on us, parents depend on us, and the public depends on us. We fight for those that can not fight for themselves, those that have been silenced by these places, for those who have been made to think that the horrible things that happened to them in these places is just a part of life and they deserved it. Children never deserve to be abused. Standing up for your rights is something Safe Teen Schools takes very serious. 
        Safe Teen Schools was featured on Peltacast. During the interview Lillian goes into some details of what happened to her while she was in boardng facilities for troubled youth. During the interview she points to alternative solutions for parents, what to look for, and only a fraction of the problems that stem from the Troubled Teen Industry. To read the interview please CLICK HERE.
  Safe Teen Schools was featured on a Podcast on DisInformation explaining what we do and the history behind the owner and why the organization was founded. We feel that it is important to share our story of why we started Safe Teen Schools. For a link to the Podcast please CLICK HERE.
TOUGH LOVE: The Truth Behind The Troubled Teen Industry
         The Owner of Safe Teen Schools Published a book on her full story of what happened to her in two abusive Boarding Facilities. Lillian goes into grave detail from the moment she was handcuffed and taken from her home, the shut down in a facility in Mexico, her transfer to another boarding facility and all of the abuse she endured along the way. In her autobiography you will be able to almost experience what she did, the emotions, the fear, the anger. Lillian gives us that special moment of being able to look through the eyes of a child who was in the care of the Troubled Teen Industry and what damage it can cause.
          Every book sold goes right back into the Safe Teen Schools website for research, helping parents and their children, along with informing the public. Help us get the word out. Read Lillian's story and see the truth.
To buy the book CLICK HERE