"Keeping children safe by exposing  residential treatment centers/private boarding schools and their continued abuse against the children in their care."

STS (Safe Teen Schools) Video Blogs
At Safe Teen Schools our focus is awareness in the Troubled Teen Industry. One way we find effective is having Video Blogs. On this page all Video Blogs by our organization will be here. If you have any questions or would like to see us do a Video Blog of a certain facility please email us! 
A Dedication To Survivors

This Youtube video is dedicated to survivors of abusive boarding facilities. Keep you head up! You are a hero for everything you have gone through, you are a survivor. This is also dedicated to survivors who have lost their lives due to being murdered in facilities, and those who could took their own life after they got out. 
We love you. 
STS on Freedom Village USA
In this video blog we will be covering the abuse allegations by Pastor Fletcher Brother and his facility, Freedom Village USA. Freedom Village, also known as "The Village" was located in Lakemont New York. It was owned and operated by Pastor Brothers. Freedom Village operated from 1981 to 2019. This video blog covers some very triggering allegations.

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STS on Kidnapped For Christ
Kidnapped For Christ is an amazing documentary that goes behind the walls of a facility in the Dominican Republic. As a missionary, Kate Logan's interest was easily caught by the facility. In hopes of catching some amazing experiences on tape she was able to film at the facility for a summer. But during her stay it quickly changed from filming rewarding experiences to seeing the truth of these places. The children secretly complained of physical and emotional abuse, some Kate was able to witness herself. So began the makings of Kidnapped For Christ, a documentary which was suppose to be about how these places help children, turned into one exposing the truth. We at Safe Teen Schools would like to thank everyone that is involved with Kidnapped For Christ! You guys have truly done some amazing work, thank you for helping those who have been fighting against the abuse of this industry for many years now. Thank you!
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Many times survivors of abuse do not step forward because they feel alone or they feel as if they deserved that type of treatment. Safe Teen Schools decided to do a video blog on the importance of coming forward to share what happened. If you were abused in a boarding facility, boot camp, wilderness program, etc. step forward. Help us make a difference in the lives of the children still trapped. 
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STS on The White House Boys
Safe Teen Schools conducted an interview with a survivor from The Dozier School for boys. We would like to thank Roger Kiser for going into detail about some of the things that he saw during his stay at the facility. For more information on The White House Boys, or to buy the book please visit his website at 
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Program Functionality & Mental Health

Isolation in boarding facilities - CLICK HERE

Stockholm Syndrome from facilities - CLICK HERE

C-PTSD from facilities - CLICK HERE

Program Misconceptions - CLICK HERE 

Boarderline Personality Disorder - CLICK HERE
If you were forced to attend a facility and would like research done and possibly a video blog done on the facility, please contact us with your information. Please include the facility, the years you attended, abuse allegations, any abuse you endured, and anything extra that we should know. If you have any questions regarding an already published video blog please feel free to contact us.

All video blogs on facilities are thoroughly researched. All information in the facility vlogs is public knowledge and abuse allegations are public as well. The purpose of the video blogs is to compile public information scattered over the internet into one location. When deciding what abuse allegations go into the vlogs, it must be stated by multiple survivors over different time spans from each other to show not only the consistency of abuse, but the validity of the allegations.